Posted by: Amy | March 10, 2011


Before I go to bed, I practice a ritual of counting three blessings and offering gratitude for the good things in my life. When I was reflecting on my day this  past Tuesday evening, I found myself so grateful for an organization that provides a voice for women with PCOS. If you haven’t heard of the InCYST Programs for Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, then you need to check out their blog ASAP! InCYST truly supports, enlightens and advocates for women with PCOS. I was fortunate to have had a lovely conversation on Tuesday with Monika Woolsey, MS, RD founder of inCYST. Monika doesn’t have PCOS, so when I asked her what her motivation was to start inCYST she explained, “I’ve spent years listening to women with PCOS share their stories, their frustration, their heartache, their desire to just know what they need to do. I’ve seen, time after time, the benefits of simple lifestyle changes. And I’ve also personally witnessed the battle these women have to fight to be taken seriously. They deserve better.”  Wanting to provide something “better” is what drives her organization.  “inCYST excels at connecting individuals with reputable caregivers and companies offering products and services that can help women with PCOS  achieve their health goals. Excellence, transparency and integrity are our core values at inCYST.”

 I have been a fervent reader of the InCYST blog for over a year now and lately there have been many exciting announcements regarding what’s new and good with inCYST.  I reached out to Monika this week because I wanted to get the inside scoop for my fellow Divas.  So here it is:

1. InCYST Network of Providers – inCYST provides a 20-hour training certificate program for health professionals including RD’s, psychologists, dermatologists and wellness counselors to provide support for debilitating PCOS symptoms including emotional and appearance-related. The workshops are taught by leading experts on specific topics relevant to PCOS. The focus of the inCYST certification is to teach health professionals how they can help women with PCOS manage symptoms, live sustainably and healthier as a whole. She has trained 60 health professionals across the country, so if you are looking for more support in your healing process, check out the list of inCYSTers on her blog (many have struggled with PCOS too). I am excited to be starting the inCYST certification program this month!

2. The inCYST Research Institute will be launched in June 2011, with a physical headquarters in Los Angeles. The focus will be to fund research regarding hormone health, with a focus on nonpharmalogical and nonsurgical options to common issues such as PCOS. Monika shares, “We want to encourage the kind of research that has a hard time getting funded, because it does not involve drug research. We want to balance the message that is out there and add credibility to the message we want you all to hear. And we want to be sure the supplements you all spend money on…are actually worth spending money on.”

3. iPhone restaurant app “In the 30 years I’ve been a dietitian, the number one complaint I’ve always gotten is that eating out is always the place where good intentions fail. I’m finally deciding to do something about it. I’m looking for restaurants who would like to partner with inCYST to helpwomen with PCOS find the goods they want!” inCYST has developed a service that will provide you with an analysis of  restaurant recipes. If  the recipes fit within the guidelines for what they have  found to work for PCOS, they  will be included in an iPhone application that is in development.

4. inCYST Approved Packaged Food Products  “One of my goals for 2011 has been to begin to partner with companies offering products and services of benefit to women with PCOS. Right out of the starting gate, we’ve got a wonderful announcement for our readers and fans! Zing Bars CEO David Ingalls announced that for the month of March, if you buy Zing Bars from their website, a portion of the sale will be donated to PCOS Challenge.”  Monika is also attending the Natural Products Expo West this weekend to talk to potential partners.

5. Workshops – Lastly there is a list of workshops and other events on the sidebar of the InCYST blog. If you are in the New England area please consider attending the April 1, 2011 in Nashua, New Hampshire called PCOS and You.  Patricia Hunter, MA, RD, Hillary Wright, MEd, RD, and Monika Woolsey, MS, RD as well as myself will be speaking.

In closing, I loved this gem of wisdom Monika shared – she was explaining to me that after helping hundreds of women with PCOS she found that they are very creative and are gifted with many talents, but they are not taking the time to care for themselves. She used this wonderful analogy- “If your brain was a  model of car then you were given a Ferrari, but you are treating it like a Yugo!”  Would a Diva be caught with a Yugo? I don’t think so!  Thanks Monika and inCYST!



  1. Thanks for the shout out, Amy! Not sure who’s more blessed, but I’m awfully glad to hear we’re making a difference where we want to. I look forward to meeting you in New Hampshire!


  2. Awesome post!! I’ve known about inCYST but I didn’t realize they offered all of this! I’ll definitely be sharing this on all of my PCOS networks!

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