Posted by: Amy | February 6, 2011


Did you know that Superbowl Sunday is now the 2nd largest day for food consumption after Thanksgiving?  Many of us “huddle” around the buffet and the day becomes as much about eating football snacks as it is about watching the game itself.  Okay, I’ll admit, I am planning to eat a few ribs tonight but will also have lots of raw veggies too.  And  I will  enjoy a bit of chocolate lava cake but will stay away from alcohol.  It is easier for me to stay in control, if I plan in advance for an eating event like the Superbowl and give myself permission to indulge.  I am not going to feel guilty about it, because I know on Monday it is back to my clean eating plan.   

BTW Last week’s menu was a hit in my house.  The kids loved the Southwestern Falafel, Butternut Squash Soup and the Chicken Cashew Stir-fry. Point values are Weight Watchers Points Plus

MEATLESS MONDAY- Spanish Tortilla  (4 points) This is like a crustless quiche.  I’ll serve with Winter Fruit Salad (3 points)

TUESDAY – Chicken Cassoulet – Looking at this recipe, I will probably use chicken tenders  instead of chicken thighs and will use Al fresco chicken sausauge  instead of kielbasa.  I will also try to make my own breadcrumbs with gluten free Udi’s bread.  Serve with a mixed green salad.  I always make my own salad dressing.  It is so simple and healthy because I can use high quality olive oil which is rich in omega 3’s.  Here are some simple vinaigrette recipes.

WEDNESDAY – Sauteed Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Pears  (8 points) and   Orange and Fennel Salad

THURSDAY Minestrone Soup  (7 points) I will use brown rice pasta and serve with some Mary’s Gone Crackers

FRIDAY Salmon with Lentils



  1. Dear Amy,
    I have been reading your blog for awhile and really like your ideas and philosophy on dealing with all of this. I’m writing because recently I had a baby and my symptoms have gotten much worse since then. I have noticed that you’ve mentioned Boston before and was wondering if you have a good doctor here. I moved here recently and haven’t found one who I thought was particularly creative or thoughtful on PCOS.


    • Hi Sarah-
      Congrats on your new baby! I don’t have a recommendation for a doctor because I honestly haven’t found one that can offer any other options besides the typical PCOS treatment. I do know that Mass General has a Reproductive Endocrinology Dept that does some research. That may be a good place to start. You may want to get your thyroid checked – sometimes pregnancy can put it off balance. If you are experiencing hair loss rest assured, it is very normal and you just have to be patient. It will run its course and your hair will grow back. Keep up your diet and exercise and try to get as much sleep as possible – even though it is difficult with a new baby. Self-care is so important right now!

  2. Hey I came across your site here because I was looking for some different dinner ideas for my boyfriend and I. I really love some of the things you have listed here. I’m going to come back often any time I want to be more creative at dinner time.

    Thanks for the Info and keep them coming. – smile

    • Thanks Jenn!
      I am glad you find the menu plans helpful. You have a nice blog!

  3. Hi! I was looking for some good PCOS-friendly recipes, as I just found out I have it, and came across your site. It’s the most helpful one I found; thank you for sharing the great tips! The menu plans are going to be really helpful with planning out my meals! Keep up the great work!

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