Posted by: Amy | November 22, 2010

PCOS AND HAIR LOSS – Make the Most of What You’ve Got

Hi my name is Amy and I’m a hair product addict.  If you could only see my bathroom cabinet, it is filled with half empty bottles of volumizers, root boosters and anti-humidity hairsprays.  I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest body building hair formula.  When you experience hair loss, you feel like you need to make every hair on your head count.  So, I wanted to share my favorite tried and true hair products, that give big hair challenged ladies like me, lots of volume.

KMS California Add Volume Line

Shampoo: This Shampoo  adds volume and body. Ideal for fine or lifeless hair. Gives you added volume and body.

Conditioner: A light weight gel conditioner, that doesn’t weigh down.

Root & Body Lift: A light weight spray foam, that lifts roots, builds body and texture and                                          gives targeted lift at the crown.

Mousse: A lite as air foam provides texture and body while protecting from heat. Ideal for fine or all hair types. Gives you all over volume and support.

Goldwell Unlimitor is a spray wax that creates incredible texture and volume.  I use it before I spray with hairspray.

I think the best hairspray for fine hair is Back to Basics Flexible Hold Green Tea and L’Oreal Elnett Extra Strong Hold. Both have super fine mists that don’t weigh down hair and they add texture.

If you are beyond big hair challenged and are really dealing with PCOS hair loss and thinning hair, I have found two  wonderful products from DermMatch is a hard-packed, colored powder that comes in 8 shades (they can actually be blended).  The powder coats and thickens your hair. You rub DermMatch  using a sponge applicator directly on your scalp to color areas exposed by hair loss.

Then you can sprinkle MegaTHIK Hair building fibers over the area you just covered with the DermMatch. This info is straight from the website, “Simply shake MegaTHIK Hair Building Fibers onto thinning hair and see a fuller, thicker head of hair. MegaTHIK instantly rebuilds your hair with natural Keratin Fibers. Your hair will appear thicker in seconds. The fibers are available in five natural shades to make both men and womens hair look and feel full and natural.” I can attest that it does really work.  Just sprinkle, pat it down and spray with hairspray and no one will ever know.

And if all else fails…..get a wig.  I’m not kidding.  I experienced severe post partum hair loss after my 3rd child during the spring of 2009.  The hair loss became so bad that I went from using these concealers to going to Salon 10 Newbury in Boston and getting fitted with a partial hair piece made with real hair.  It clipped in right at the crown and blended with the hair I had left. It was expensive (around $800) but was worth every penny.  It saved my sanity.  My hair has grown back and  hair loss now is minimal a result of the regime I described in my last post. But, if you are still really struggling with PCOS hair loss, you don’t need to suffer, you can still look and feel beautiful.   Don’t be afraid to look at all your options.  And if you have a favorite hair product please share!

This is me wearing my hair piece in August 2009 with my baby girl.


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