Posted by: Amy | September 17, 2009

CORTISOL MANAGER -A PCOS supplement I can’t live without

cortisol managerThe beginning of this year was a very stressful time in my life . My third child was born January 27th, a week after my husband was let go from a job he loved. Dealing with a newborn, job loss, postpartum and two active boys cooped up all winter would put anyone over the edge. But if you read my previous posts about “The Importance of Keeping Your Cool” you will remember why it is important for women with PCOS to control their stress, particularly the stress hormone – cortisol.

A series of labs I had done in late 2007 indicated that my cortisol levels were above norm, so after all the added stress of early 2009 I knew I needed some help above and beyond my typical stress reduction techniques. (see posts) After consulting with my naturopath, Dr. Nancy Dunne, I decided to try Integrative Therapeutics, Cortisol Manager . Dr. Dunne asked if my husband would hear the baby crying in the middle of the night because this product can help you sleep soundly. I have to say that I still heard my baby in the middle of the night the first night I took Cortisol Manager (and every night after), but I did have a more restful night and woke up feeling refreshed despite the 3am feeding.

I really like how I feel when I take Cortisol Manager. I feel more relaxed during the day, sleep better and have actually lost some belly fat because of the reduced cortisol levels. If I forget to take one at night, I can tell the difference the next day. I feel more edgy and anxious. I have recommended the product to several of my friends who have experienced similar results. Here is the description from the manufacturer’s website:

Cortisol Manager dietary supplement has been clinically shown to reduce cortisol levels. The supplement combines an effective dose of phosphatidylserine with documented stress-reducing ingredients and cortisol-lowering botanicals to help relieve occasional sleeplessness at night while also providing all-day stress reduction. Cortisol Manager promotes relaxation and supports a healthy sleep cycle without the use of habit forming ingredients. This safe and natural formula increases the ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and will not cause morning grogginess.

A 28-day clinical trial found that Cortisol Manager produced a dramatic reduction in stress during the course of the study. Salivary cortisol levels decreased by more than 60% after the first dose of Cortisol Manager. The effect continued throughout the duration of the study, averaging a 75-83% reduction in cortisol. No side effects were noted, and the formula was well tolerated by participants.

Additionally, the participant survey revealed that:

  • 71% of participants felt more relaxed during the day
  • 71% experienced improved sleep
  • 64% achieved deeper sleep, while 57% felt they fell asleep more easily
  • 57% felt their stress level was reduced
  • 57% felt they were better able to handle stressful situations

I certainly have experienced all of these results. If you are interested in giving Cortisol Manager a try, I found has the best pricing.



  1. Hey. Have you ever tried Relacore? They have one to take during the day and a night time Relacore. Do you know how Cortisol Manager compares?

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